Ease Your Pregnancy Stress with a Massage

Pregnancy is a beautiful process revered for bringing life into the world, but the stress it can bring upon a person physically and mentally can also at times be difficult to struggle with.

Massages are proven to be a therapeutic option for any individual to turn to for stress relief, but it can be especially helpful to ease some of the stress that accompanies pregnancy. Pregnancy massages offer beneficial effects for pregnant women who are struggling with all kinds of symptoms ranging from those that are physical, to psychological, and it is because of this that it is an option worth considering.

Pregnancy massages can range from those using a light touch, to full-body Swedish massages that can target a variety of modalities to make sure you’re getting the kind of comfort and treatment you need.

One substantial benefit of massages that is relevant to pregnancy is their ability to help regulate hormones that have the potential to fluctuate throughout a woman’s pregnancy. The use of massage techniques that specifically work to regulate hormones such as those associated with stress and relaxation, like serotonin and norepinephrine, are a key benefit in a woman’s prenatal care.

Beneficial changes and management of hormones can also help prevent any complications during and after the birthing process. Because prenatal massages can have a sedating effect on the nervous system, it helps better prepare the mother for delivery. Therefore, incorporation of massage therapy during pregnancy can be immensely beneficial to both the mother and the newborn.

Other potential physical benefits include:

Massages can also put your mind more at ease during the prenatal process by addressing the non-physical discomfort that can arise during pregnancy, such as anxiety, a disrupted sleep pattern, depression, and general elevated stress. Massages offer pregnant individuals a sense of well-being and provides an alleviation of discomfort that can make pregnancy feel significantly more endurable and serene.

At Haven Beauty, we have four different massage treatment options specifically offered for those in the any stage of pregnancy:

Women going through pregnancy deserve to feel comfortable, and we at Haven Beauty recognise and wish to honour their needs. We offer you proven benefits for pre- and post-natal massages that are safe and will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction as you walk out our door.


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