Customer Update

Hello! For those of you who missed this months news letter, please have a read...

We somehow find ourselves in June already and Fathers Day is fast approaching. To give a little gift idea inspiration we have created a special offer which is a £45 gift voucher for only £30! This is to spend on any of our massage treatments including Indian head, Full body deep tissue or a relaxing back massage. The choice is his! The voucher will be posted free of charge in time for Fathers Day and valid for 3 months from the date of re opening after the Covid 19 closure.

Our massage treatments are very popular with our male clients as we specialise in deep tissue and can totally bespoke the treatment so it's exactly what the client needs, working on aches, pains and tight muscles.

We welcome all clients male and female and are glad to offer a professional and peaceful surrounding in which everyone can enjoy!

Self care and mental health wellbeing is at the forefront of my mind, this period of lockdown has been an eye opener as to what's really important and looking after yourself should be high up on all our lists. Wether that's exercising, taking time to read a book or a little pamper time. Having had to wait patiently for our usual facial treatments and with this glorious sunshine we've been having our skin can become more dehydrated than ever. The Hydratone mask by CACI skincare works brilliantly as an at home professional mask treatment to deeply hydrate and plump the skin 💦 ( I've loved treating myself to this recently ) just leave it on for 20 minutes after cleansing and see your skin transform!

These highly active masks are usually used as part of our CACI facial treatments. Each mask is £9.99 ( we will deliver free of charge ) 😀

Please email to order!

In the meantime we are working hard getting Haven ready to re open safely and we can't wait to see you then.

Stay safe and as always Thankyou for supporting us.

Love Anna, Imogen, Sarah & Kelsey x

Ease Your Pregnancy Stress with a Massage

Pregnancy is a beautiful process revered for bringing life into the world, but the stress it can bring upon a person physically and mentally can also at times be difficult to struggle with.

Massages are proven to be a therapeutic option for any individual to turn to for stress relief, but it can be especially helpful to ease some of the stress that accompanies pregnancy. Pregnancy massages offer beneficial effects for pregnant women who are struggling with all kinds of symptoms ranging from those that are physical, to psychological, and it is because of this that it is an option worth considering.

Pregnancy massages can range from those using a light touch, to full-body Swedish massages that can target a variety of modalities to make sure you’re getting the kind of comfort and treatment you need.

One substantial benefit of massages that is relevant to pregnancy is their ability to help regulate hormones that have the potential to fluctuate throughout a woman’s pregnancy. The use of massage techniques that specifically work to regulate hormones such as those associated with stress and relaxation, like serotonin and norepinephrine, are a key benefit in a woman’s prenatal care.

Beneficial changes and management of hormones can also help prevent any complications during and after the birthing process. Because prenatal massages can have a sedating effect on the nervous system, it helps better prepare the mother for delivery. Therefore, incorporation of massage therapy during pregnancy can be immensely beneficial to both the mother and the newborn.

Other potential physical benefits include:

  • Reduction in fluid retention and other swelling
  • Eased backache
  • Increased oxygen in the blood
  • Relief from heartburn and acid reflux
  • Eased leg cramps
  • Relieved muscle tension and joint pains
  • Healthy skin tone
  • Improved circulation
  • Strengthened immune system

Massages can also put your mind more at ease during the prenatal process by addressing the non-physical discomfort that can arise during pregnancy, such as anxiety, a disrupted sleep pattern, depression, and general elevated stress. Massages offer pregnant individuals a sense of well-being and provides an alleviation of discomfort that can make pregnancy feel significantly more endurable and serene.

At Haven Beauty, we have four different massage treatment options specifically offered for those in the any stage of pregnancy:

  • By choosing our pregnancy massage, you will be pampered as you deserve, with a gentle touch to relieve tension, and will involve the utilisation of massage techniques specifically focusing on your feet, ankles, and back.
  • Our pregnancy back massage pays close attention to the lower back, neck, and shoulders in order to relieve uncomfortable tension and aches.
  • Haven Beauty’s special package no. 1 offers a full-body massage, as well as an eyebrow tint and Zen spa pedicure.
  • Special package no. 2 includes a pregnancy back massage with a special express Dermalogica facial.

Women going through pregnancy deserve to feel comfortable, and we at Haven Beauty recognise and wish to honour their needs. We offer you proven benefits for pre- and post-natal massages that are safe and will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction as you walk out our door.


Waxing Vs Shaving—Which One Is Better?

Having soft and smooth skin can leave you feeling fresh and confident, but hair removal can sometimes be a tedious chore if you are not using the proper methods. The debate between waxing and shaving has been long standing, but new methods can make hair-removal a quick and painless process. Read on to learn some of the main differences between waxing and shaving so that you can decide which method you prefer.

  1. Length of Results

Everyone’s body hair reacts differently to hair removal, but in general, waxing produces much longer lasting results than shaving. While you may find that you need to re-shave your body after only a few days, waxing will typically leave your skin smooth and hair-free for weeks. This is one of the greatest advantages of waxing and it is one of the main reasons many choose to wax the most tedious areas of hair growth. Rather than wasting time shaving during your daily grooming routine, you can remove unwanted hair in a short 30-minute waxing session and you will not have to worry about it for weeks to come.

  1. Smoothness

Waxing and shaving can both produce soft and smooth skin immediately after hair removal. However, while both of these methods are initially effective, waxing removes the entire hair follicle from the root, whereas shaving only trims the hair. Because of this, your skin may still feel rough after shaving if you rub against the grain. Further, you may notice prickly stubble beginning to grow back only a few days after shaving; But when you wax, your skin remains soft and smooth for weeks before any hair regrowth occurs. Waxing long term can also reduce hair regrowth, and it can cause the hair to grow back thinner and softer, rather than course and spikey.

  1. Health

When done properly, both waxing and shaving are not hazardous to your health; however, you are much more likely to develop a skin irritation or injury when you are shaving. Many people have experienced the stinging pain of accidentally cutting themselves while shaving, or the irritating feeling of razor burn caused by a dull blade. However, more serious injuries can also occur when you shave with a rusted blade or when a cut becomes infected. Waxing, on the other hand, is a natural hair removal method which can help you remove dead skin cells as well as unwanted hair. Even if you have sensitive skin, you can talk to your beautician to determine the best treatments for your skin type.

  1. Pain

Many fear trying waxing because they are worried about the pain, but new methods and treatments can help you achieve flawless skin without the ouch. Shaving is a virtually painless hair removal option which can be great for a quick touch up, but there is always the risk of cutting yourself, and the inconvenience of frequent shaving. For those who want to bare it all, and not have to worry about embarrassing unwanted hair, waxing can be the perfect solution. Plus, the more you wax, the less painful each session becomes because your hair grows back softer and thinner.


Best Facials for Various Skin Types

Determining the type of facial that is best for your skin type may be a challenge. From dry to oily skin, people’s skin type not only varies based on their genetics, but on other factors in their life like stress, hormones, and time of year. Before you make an appointment to get a spa facial, it is best to educate yourself on what types of facials are best for your skin type.


Dry Skin

There are many types of treatments one may need for dry skin. If someone has dry skin, it means that they are lacking natural lipids/oils which is ultimately causing their face to be dehydrated. Since the skin lacks these necessary components, the natural process of exfoliation begins to take a back seat, making it hard for skin to rejuvenate itself. If you have dry skin, you should be looking for facials that incorporate a gentle exfoliation with enzymes, as this is an excellent way to transform flaky skin to flawless. Furthermore, facials that are centred on oil and water are excellent choices, so any facial that includes a mask that helps to penetrate essentials into the skin will be great as well. An example of this is if the mask is created to rubberise, meaning as the mask hardens it pushes the product into the skin, ultimately leaving it hydrated and renewed.


Oily Skin

As you would suspect, this is the opposite of dry skin in that it produces more oil than the skin actually needs. Unfortunately, this kind of skin can be a haven for debris which means the pores can become congested over time. As time progresses, the congestion on your skin hardens in your pores, so it is best to get facials that have a chemical exfoliant component. These types of facials are designed to push into the pores and melt the congestion in them. Even more, oily skin often requires you to get rid of the hardened debris, so it may be worth your while to see if the aesthetician is trained in extractions.


Combination Skin

This is the type of skin may have spots that are dry and/or oily, meaning each area needs to be treated separately. Enzyme, chemical, and microdermabrasion exfoliants are good options for this type of skin. If you have this type of skin, you may also find yourself needing extractions in certain parts to get rid of congestion. One of the best treatment masks for this is a freeze-dried collagen mask that will replenish any lost water in the skin, soothing your face.


Sensitive Skin

If you have skin that is prone to negative reactions to treatment, you must be careful when it comes to selecting a facial. While every skin type needs exfoliation to get rid of dead skin, it is extremely essential that you take gentle care of how you go about this. Any facials that implore enzymes for exfoliation usually are a very good choice because they don’t normally agitate the skin. Also, it is essential that you avoid products and facials that have fragrances and/or irritants in them as this may also break you out.


Mature Skin

As we age, our skin changes, making it a challenge to treat. It can literally be a combination of any of the skin types mentioned above. Mature skin slows down in how many cells are produced and in our circulation, so there are always numerous issues to address. Ultimately, it is important that you first address the type of skin you may have (oily, dry, combination, normal, sensitive) then consult with an aesthetician about the process of increasing circulation, saturating the skin with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in order to get healthier looking skin.

How Getting a Massage Can Improve Your Health

Getting a massage can be a fun and relaxing experience that will take some weight off of your shoulders and leave you feeling Zen. If you are considering getting a massage for the first time, or if you are contemplating scheduling a follow-up session, these proven health benefits of getting a massage may just ease you into calling to schedule your appointment.

Stress Relief

Studies have shown that even a half hour massage session can decrease cortisol levels in the body—the hormone associated with stress. When it comes to stress, your health is not only affected mentally but also physically when your blood pressure rises. Getting a massage has been proven to reduce blood pressure, therefore simultaneously improving your mental and physical health.

Improve flexibility

Your range of motion can be affected by many factors, including a sports injury, aging, lack of physical activity, an illness, or other causes. When you get a massage, your muscles relieve stress, causing an increase in blood flow that can improve flexibility. With regular massage therapy, you can increase your range of motion, as the mussels, tendons, joints, and connective tissues are massaged and stretched.

Reduce cellulite and increase blood flow

When your muscles release stress, they increase your blood flow and reduce blood pressure, allowing your body to speed up its lymphatic draining system. Targeting certain areas of the body during your massage sessions, such as your tummy, buttocks, and thighs can increase the blood circulation in these areas and reduce water retention.

A headache and migraine relief

Headaches and migraines are often caused by high-stress levels and lack of sleep. Getting a massage can release the tension you may feel related to your headache by targeting the muscles and joints of the head, neck, and shoulders. For example, the Indian head massage is especially recommended for individuals who suffer from chronic migraines or headaches, as it specifically soothes and releases pressure from the mussels in these areas.

Rehabilitation after an injury

Medical professionals often prescribe massage therapy for individuals who are undergoing physical rehabilitation after an injury. Massaging the muscles and joints in the injured area will not only increase blood flow and flexibility, but it will also supply key nutrients to the injured area. Getting a professional massage can also increase the elasticity of your muscles and tendons, allowing you to recuperate your range of motion.

Pain management and reduction for chronic conditions

Certain chronic conditions, unfortunately, result in muscle pains and aches. Getting a regular massage, however, can help you manage your pain for several chronic conditions including fibromyalgia and arthritis. Massage therapy does not only decrease muscle stiffness, but it has also been found to increase the levels of serotonin produced by the body—the hormone associated with happiness and pain-relief. Furthermore, a correlation between getting a massage and deep and regular sleep patterns has been observed, allowing patients to sleep more comfortably. Massage therapy is a natural and effective way to manage your pain, allowing you to experience an overall increased quality of life.